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  Welcome to the program

Welcome to the Angular 2 Fundamentals course by AngularClass!

We're excited to have you join us in this course as we'll cover everything you need to know to get up and running with Angular 2 by building a real application. If you find yourself getting lost with TypeScript, ES2015 (ES6), Webpack or NPM then check out our free Modern JavaScript course.

Our philosophy is that the more fun you're having while you learn, the more likely you are to really master the material and come back to learn more from us.

This course is 100% hands on, you'll be writing code and building Google Keep right along through the course. Checkout the AngularClass open-source projects on Github and clone the repo located here. Code along with me through each video and if you get stuck for any extended period of time, don't sweat it and just check out the next module branch so you can keep moving.

But don't forget to come back and go through the curriculum again so you can really reinforce your learning!

If you get stuck, reach out to us @angularclass, @scotups or the AngularClass Slack that you were invited to when you joined this class.

We really hope you enjoy the course. Make sure to share the love so we can bring you even more great courses here at AngularClass and be sure to check out our premium courses here.

Checkout the instructions for my VS code setup here

Debayan Chakaravarty
when this course is going to get updated now angular 2 is running 2.0 stable version
Sabyasachi Biswal
God Knows :)
We're busy working on the other courses currently, almost done with those. Fundamentals will receive a huge update right after that! Its coming!
Martin Clavell
this was 7 months ago... and still no changes
Ross Tripi
how close is it to being updated?
Jose Granados
I want to take the course with the latest Angular 2 stable version. How much have had changed? When the update is coming?
Yanko Shterev
Is AngularClass Slack active ? I can't join.. says I am not invited :(
Saeed Bin Hamad
Amazing course and keep it up Scot.

When are you going to update the course material since finally Angular 2.0 Final release is out!?
Quang Tran
That perfect if have English subtitle.
Thank you for this course :)
Hosni Dridi I'm very exciting to learn angular 2
Peter Carter
Thank you very much for creating this course.
Maria A
Hi. this course is constantly updated?
Jonathan Borchardt
Hi. Will this course be updated (at least the code) for the new release version of angular 2 (RC5+)?
Joshep Tony Rozario
Please update this video.
Wendell Wayne Estrada
Angular 2 is now in its final release version. This video needs to be updated
I am setting up my dev environment. I am using nodejs 6.3.1 and NPM 3.8.3 on debian 8 (jessie)

I get this 2 errors when I run "npm install --global typescript webpack webpack-dev-server tslint" :

npm WARN optional Skipping failed optional dependency /webpack/chokidar/fsevents:
npm WARN notsup Not compatible with your operating system or architecture: fsevents@1.0.14

From what I gather fsevents is only for a MACos environment? Can I still complete the course without it?
yes you can, fsevents is a native module for MacOS which in turn only works in MacOS.
fsevents is used for testing, is there something else that replaces it for linux or is it just not needed?
This is a good start. Thank you.
If you're have trouble installing the node_modules packages when you get to the stage of typing 'npm install' (and you receive an ELIFECYCLE error for typings), try this in the following order:
1) npm3 install typings
2) npm3 install
3) npm start

For more reading on npm3 vs npm:
Thank you very much! I appreciate you posting this up to help others. This fixed my issue immediately.