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  Course Roadmap

We designed this course to be composed of stand-alone modules that cover just what you need to know for each topic. So feel free to jump around through the course and come back to specific sections later as you start building more applications using these technologies.

The course is split into two main sections:

1) Background and context

In this first section we seek to explore the WHY behind many of the concepts and ideas that we teach in section two of the course and explain a bit about the evolution of Javascript and the web to where we are now.

2) Coding Examples

In the second section we'll take you through live code examples of each foundational concept and give you simple challenges to practice them yourself to make sure you're really learning.

The reality is that good content is only 20% of the battle when it comes to picking up something new. How we really learn is by trying stuff out and experimenting and then using that foundation to apply what we learn in different contexts until eventually what you've learned becomes second nature. We'll give you even more opportunities to build real web apps in our other courses, but for now let's get started.