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Hey there and welcome to Modern Javascript Fundamentals by AngularClass!

As we were working on our Angular2 Fundamentals course, it became clear that there needed to be a canonical course for the underlying concepts that are essential to modern web application development, but not specifically tied to one framework. So we're happy to bring you that course here :)

As the web advances, so does the complexity of the ecosystem of the underlying tools and technologies that we use to build applications for it. As the world evolves, the web evolves and so must we. But it's really not all that bad, in fact once you get over the hump of getting familiar with the tools surrounding modern javascript development you'll probably find that developing web applications has never been more enjoyable as a programmer.

This course is designed to be a conceptual, example driven overview of all of the concepts and tools you need to begin to build applications in Angular2 or React, but we will not actually cover any frameworks themselves in this course. As we demonstrate the various essential concepts, code along with us in the sandbox and experiment and explore the features yourself, it's the best way to learn.

We're so glad to have you join us, let's jump right in.