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  TypeScript - Intro

Alexandre Caruso
So I'm here in a class on TS and supposedly I should know that I should have a compiler installed, as well as a config file and also how to declare in my index.html? It seems that the creator of this class woke up late and did not feel like working. Sorry its just my POV.
Bruno Garcia Gonzalez
Analyzing video from 4:15 onward:What about arrays that have multiple types of variables? Like:
var person = ["john" , "doe", 46]; // firstName, lastName, age

This would not work with typeScript?
It would infer type *any*
Andrew John P Young
nice lesson, but could there be a lesser quality video-wise? streaming 1080p on a "slow" network is a bit frustrating (maybe 480p could be offered?)
Carlos Roso
Excellent. Thanks!
how to make my sublime can compile Angular2 like this ?
Martin Benes
Well he is compiling Typescript, not Angular2, which is probably done by this plugin,
Sathish Kumar
Hi Thanks for this free course. May i know what editor/ theme is it ?
Matt Langston
I think it's [this theme]( for Sublime Text 3.
Artem Zinoviev
Hi, his is Sublime text 3 and looks like one of the material themes