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  TypeScript - Intro

Bruno Garcia Gonzalez
Analyzing video from 4:15 onward:What about arrays that have multiple types of variables? Like:
var person = ["john" , "doe", 46]; // firstName, lastName, age

This would not work with typeScript?
It would infer type *any*
Andrew John P Young
nice lesson, but could there be a lesser quality video-wise? streaming 1080p on a "slow" network is a bit frustrating (maybe 480p could be offered?)
Carlos Roso
Excellent. Thanks!
how to make my sublime can compile Angular2 like this ?
Martin Benes
Well he is compiling Typescript, not Angular2, which is probably done by this plugin,
Sathish Kumar
Hi Thanks for this free course. May i know what editor/ theme is it ?
Matt Langston
I think it's [this theme]( for Sublime Text 3.
Artem Zinoviev
Hi, his is Sublime text 3 and looks like one of the material themes